Important Safety Information for Patients

This all natural product contains absolutely no hormones and is made only of high quality herbal extracts. Our research has shown this formulation to be extremely safe, however, as with anything you ingest, there is a very rare risk of allergic or other reaction to one or more of the components. If you develop any skin changes or other unusual symptoms while taking this product, please discontinue its use and consult with your physician immediately. Anything you ingest can affect your body and interact with other medications you take. Even such common substances as cranberry juice and garlic can have such interactions. Below is a list of some of the interactions that may occur with components of this formulation. Please read the list below carefuly and consult with your physician when appropriate. 

Do not take if you are on warfarin (coumadin) or other blood thinners as this product may reduce their effectiveness.   

Do not use Tao Harmony if you have ever been treated for breast cancer.