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I am sure that most healthcare providers can relate to my feelings about nutritional supplements. When you ask a patient for a list of their medications they say “None.” But if you take the time to ask if they take any vitamins or supplements you may get a long list of vitamins, minerals, herbs and enzymes that you never heard of. Most patients take these supplements based on label claims which are poorly regulated by the FDA or based on recommendations from retailers pushing products. Patients may be shocked to find out that nutritional supplement companies can write almost anything on their labels, with little or no testing or evidence to the safety or efficacy of the product.

Tao Formulations was started with one main goal: To create nutritional supplements that physicians can feel comfortable recommending.In trying to give my patients the best advice, I went to the shelves at my local pharmacy to sort through the labels. I was really surprised that even I, as a physician, was completely confused. In most cases, it was unclear exactly what portion of herbs were used, how much of those herbs were in each capsule, and if active ingredients were standardized. I was amazed to see the number of popular brand supplements that tout their “proprietary blends” as a benefit. Did you know that companies are not required to let the consumer know the exact amounts of herbs in such blends? As far as I’m concerned, “proprietary blend” means ‘a sprinkle of this and a dab of that’. It makes the product sounds better to an uneducated consumer and provides a huge profit margin for the producer. Tao Formulations is putting an end to that practice. We believe in 100% label honesty and are proud to clearly list the exact strength of each active ingredient.

Tao Formulations was started with one main goal: To create nutritional supplements that physicians can feel comfortable recommending. Years of research have gone into the formulation of Tao Harmony. We conducted many small trials until we felt comfortable that we had found a combination that seemed safe and effective. We then moved forward with a large double-blinded, randomized, placebo-controlled study. We screened over a thousand applicants for the study and (with very stringent entry criteria) ended up with 186 women enrolled and 164 women who completed six weeks of treatment. The statistically and clinically significant results produced have allowed me, as a physician, to feel comfortable recommending Tao Harmony to my own patients.

A careful review of existing literature suggests that for herbs to be efficacious for menopausal symptoms patients need to ingest extremely large quantities of raw herb. Bringing together a combination of herbs, in quantities strong enough to work, initially seemed impractical. However, our unique method of combining super-concentrated extracts has allowed us to condense the active ingredients from handfuls of herbs into each capsule. This process, and our commitment to high quality research, translates into high production costs for our product. If we followed industry standards, a month supply of Harmony should retail for about $200. We have taken a different approach. We have accepted a small profit margin in order to retail our product under $40, thus making it attainable for millions of women suffering from menopausal symptoms. We know this approach will pay off for everyone in the long-run. I value feedback from my colleagues. Please do not hesitate to contact me at DrOfer(at) with questions or comments.


Adam A. Ofer, MD FACOG

Download a copy of the Tao Harmony clinical trials abstract.